Limit of 2 questions emailed to Stacey, so you can get the clarity you’re looking for, to listen to at your convenience. Video link will be sent within 7 business days.


horoscope reading session

The most popular choice by my clients, this style encourages a holistic approach to your universe. Holding nothing back, we delve into what's happening and why, so you can make the most of your life - as it is.



burning question reading skype session

Another option for first-timers, this style allows for you to bring your question to Stacey and look at 4-6 cards together, to help you to better understand the situation.


deeper reading session with COACHING OPTION

After you've worked with Stacey a few times, you know she has a lot of tools to offer! Including an option to follow-up with a coaching session means you can take advantage of a lower hourly rate and timely scheduling to suit your busy lifestyle.



introductory reading skype session

This reading style allows for you to get a sense of what's coming over the next few months, in 6-9 cards, so you can be better prepared for what's coming into your life.


BOHEMIAN reading session

1.5 hrs long, and 22 cards deep, this session style is most helpful when dealing with transitions in your life, becoming aware of your current state of reality, or addressing truths we can have a tough time with.


group and event rates

Hosting a gathering? Celebrating a birthday? Maybe your organization is looking for some entertainment that adds to your overall positive impact? Stacey has worked with multiple clients over the years to make the right impression, and leave your guests smiling and talking about their fortunes for days!

Please call via (403) 923-5654 or email via cardreadingswithstacey@gmail.com to connect with Stacey. She’ll want to know when the event is, how many people, and how long you would like the readings to be (if applicable) so she can check her schedule and get back to you as soon as possible. Typically, the hourly rate stands for events with a 3 hour minimum on corporate events, however she tailors the experience for every budget. Your interest and business is appreciated!