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Please call via (403) 923-5654 or email via to connect with Stacey.

She is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She meets her clients typically in cafes within the Mission, the Beltline, and along 17th Ave SW districts.

Tuesday, July 16
in the next Full Moon Development Circle, from 7:30PM - 9:30PM. Join us as we recognize the Full Moon in Capricorn!

2nd Edition Date TBC with Kelly Gibson for a “Make Your Own” night, featuring tinctures and topicals. More info coming soon!


You can find her this Thursday, June 27 at a new partner venue in Marda Loop, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. Follow her on social media for what dates and times these specials happen. Book via direct message, phone, or email!


She is a member of the Core Team for the Astrologers of Calgary. They can be found online by clicking here, and on Facebook by clicking here.

She attends development circle at The Gateway in the Kensington area. They can be found online by clicking here, and on Facebook by clicking here.


Currently she hosts a Full Moon Development Circle each month. The dates are typically around the 16 through 18 of the month, and are announced on Instagram and Facebook a week prior.

Stacey works with a variety of partners to meet the needs of the community. She has spoken to groups and clubs about Tarot, and coaching best practices. Her talk in March 2019, entitled “A Sense of Timing in Tarot and Astrology” was received by an enthusiastic reception. As she supports cannabis, integrated into her health and spiritual routines, some of these events allow her to share her knowledge for crystal and gem -infused tinctures with cannabis.


A group of us are planning a 24 hour retreat in August 2019, from noon on Saturday to noon the Sunday after. This will reflect the values of an event that Stacey is producing in August 2020, on a grander scale. You can find more about the Bliss Project here.

What I love is how I see things coming together based on what Stacey shared. Her readings are incredibly powerful and bang on!
— Tracy G